Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dream Build Play 2012

Yesterday I submitted my game to the Dream Build Play 2012 contest. Awesome feeling :-) The week before I have done my utmost to finish it. I never programmed more in one week.
Here is my epic trailer ;-)

Took a whole day to make it. I'm really glad that I found the cool trailer music from Martin von Hagenau on Soundcloud(
"Trailer 3 - Hellraiser" (Martin von Hagenau) / CC BY 3.0).
Before I publish my game on Xbox Live I want to finish three features that couldn't make it into the Dream Build Play version.
  • Two player coop mode
  • Two player death match
  • Survival highscore mode
This shouldn't be very difficult because I already have working split-screen code. Only a few parts of my code have to be adapted (losing conditions for example). I think this will take two or three weeks (hopefully).

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