Thursday, March 29, 2012

Basic AI

I finished the basic ai framework for my game! Have a look (better watch in HD, or else you wont see much). There are two teams, red and green (laser shots have team colors).

If you plan to develop AI for your game, I can highly recommend "Artificial Intelligence for Games" from Ian Millington. Its fantastic! Also all the "AI Game Programming Wisdom" books are very good. The core of my AI framework is inspired by an article from AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (3.5 "Knowledge-Based Behavior System - A Decision Tree/Finite State Machine Hybrid").
I wont tell you details about my AI, because thats like revealing the secret behind a magic trick. It can ruin the whole game experience.
Did you know for example that in Half-Life 1 the marines in a squads were not really communicating with each other? The trick was, that a squad had two attack slots and every time a slot was filled or opened up, the marines yelled stuff like "Cover me". When you play Half-Life you don't want to know such things. By the way, heres a nice article about the AI in Half Life (Open Source rocks :-)

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